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Why You Should Have LASIK

Deciding to undergo any surgery like LASIK could be described as life-changing. Millions of people have said goodbye to their glasses and contact lenses after LASIK.

Wondering if you could join their ranks? All it takes is 15 minutes per eye with a qualified and experienced LASIK surgeon!

If you’re still on the fence, check out this list of reasons why you should have LASIK instead of dealing with glasses or contacts!

Glasses & Contacts VS. LASIK

Like the millions wearing glasses and contacts, there are millions of reasons for LASIK! Big or small, there’s no denying that having LASIK makes your life a lot easier.

Would you rather:

Go to work with only one contact in because you miscounted your supply, or come to work with clear vision?

Miscounting your supply means you may need to spend extra on faster shipping or walk around with your glasses while you wait. No thank you!

Wince at the thought of replacing another pair of glasses you lost or travel worry-free on your vacation?

Think of all the money you’re wasting every time you have to replace a new pair of glasses! Traveling works much better without glasses or contacts anyway.

Sigh as your glasses go up in price because you need a special coating to see your screen or use the money you saved?

You can take the money saved and plan the best getaway ever with luxury! Getaways can be spontaneous and adventurous when you don’t have to worry about your glasses flying off your face and getting damaged!

Poke yourself in the eye while trying to put a contact lens in or never having to touch your eye again?

Every time you touch your eyes putting in contacts, you increase your risk of infection! Even if you wash your hands regularly, there are bacteria on your hands that could get in your eyes!

Hate 3D movies because they are impossible to watch over your glasses or go to opening night for the next 3D hit?

If you’re lucky enough to get the 3D glasses over your glasses, they could still give you a migraine. And if that happens, there goes your evening of fun.

Sneeze and knock your glasses off your face, or spend allergy season without glasses?

Even if you wear glasses, you’re not able to keep pollen out of your eyes. You would think they could act as a shield, but they are more of a hindrance. Allergy season with contacts is even worse. Get pollen in your eye because of your contact lens and watch the swelling begin.

Stay awake on a long plane ride because you can’t sleep in your contacts or sleep easy?

Sure, you could wear glasses but sleeping in them isn’t smart either. You need to put your glasses in a safe place or clip them onto your shirt. When you wake up, you can’t see anything, and you may even freak out that you lost your glasses. It could take a minute or two for you to realize that you clipped them to your shirt!

Yank another hair out of your head by accident because it got tangled in the arm of your glasses or not worry about it?

If you have a bad enough tangle, it could mean cutting that tangle right out of your hair! Don’t take the risk!

LASIK surgery is a game-changer for patients who qualify for surgery candidacy. If you want to learn more, call Washington Eye in Chevy Chase, Maryland to schedule a free LASIK consultation. We look forward to seeing you!


"My experience is always positive."
-Marvin L.

"The doctors and staff are always professional, courteous, and informative."
-Mary A.

"I have had perfect experience at this practice."
-Joanne R.

"My eye doctor is friendly and knowledgeable. All of my questions were answered. He is professional but down to earth."
-Carole K.

"My eye doctor is extremely helpful."

"Now both of my eyes feel like they are in the land of OZ."
-Joyce B.

"I never thought I would ever say that I enjoyed surgery, but it was really fun! No pain or discomfort."
-David F.

"My eye doctor explained the surgery and made me feel very comfortable - he built trust."
-Michelle S.

"I am thrilled with the results of my procedures. I am even golfing better!"
-Helane G.

"Excellent surgeon but also a very patient oriented courteous doctor who carefully explains his patients' options."
-Susan S.

"A World Class person and an absolutely great Doctor."
-Chuck W.

Laser Vision Correction

If you are seeking a Washington DC LASIK eye surgery specialist you have come to the right place. Washington Eye Physicians & Surgeons is located in Chevy Chase. Our LASIK surgeons are dedicated to creating the best possible LASIK eye surgery outcomes.

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