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Looking Good Equals Feeling Good (How Ophthalmic Plastics Help Boost Confidence)


There is certainly more to a person than their looks, but we know that appearance does play an important role in people’s lives. Working on your appearance and putting yourself together can have a beneficial impact on your career, relationships, self-confidence, and mental health.

Ophthalmic plastics can help tremendously improve your confidence and how comfortably you navigate the world. Ophthalmic plastics procedures are carried out by highly trained ophthalmologists who have the knowledge and expertise necessary to make sure you safely get the cosmetic results you want.

Ophthalmic plastics can help you achieve the aesthetic features you desire. And while there is more to a person than how they look, there is no shame in making sure you look your very best. In fact, here are three reasons why looking good equals feeling good and accomplishing more.

Confident People Exert More Influence

Hearing that being beautiful opens doors can be a frustrating fact for those of us who didn’t win the genetic lottery. Thankfully, influence is not exclusively related to perfect bone structure. While beauty is definitely helpful for getting what you want in a number of social and career situations, there is an even more important feature that helps you move through life more easily: confidence.

Belief in your work and expertise are solid foundations upon which to build confidence. But feeling comfortable in your skin and happy about your appearance can lead to you taking a more direct, assertive role in various situations. People listen to a person with certainty behind their voice, and looking better can help you feel more confident when you speak whether it’s to six people in a small meeting or to an auditorium full of people at a conference. If there are areas of your eye area that are causing you discomfort, ophthalmic plastics can help eliminate those issues and build the confidence you seek.

Put Together Individuals Make a Better First Impression

Looking good is not just about natural beauty. A large part of looking your best is about putting effort into your personal appearance such as the neatness of your hair or the composition of your outfits. In business and in sales, first impressions are often lasting impressions, and most people decide whether they want to continue a interacting with a person based on what they think of them during the first meeting. Looking good and feeling good helps you cultivate relationships.

You Can Socialize More Enthusiastically and Confidently

Meeting new people and forming new relationships intimate or platonic requires courage and confidence. A sense of satisfaction about your appearance is an instant morale booster. It’s about looking in the mirror and feeling proud of what you see staring back at you.

Boosting our patients’ confidence is the most rewarding part of performing ophthalmic plastics surgeries at Washington Eye. Whether you are trying to repair damage done during a medical procedure or simply feel better about the area around your eyes, our ophthalmic plastics specialists are happy to help you get the results you seek. Book an appointment to discuss the possibilities of ophthalmic plastics today. We have offices in Chevy Chase, Silver Spring, and Washington D.C.


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