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Accommodating Intraocular Lens Implant - Crystalens®

The crystalens® combines the distance vision of a traditional lens implant with a flexible hinge that can provide patients of our Washington DC-area center seamless, natural distance and intermediate vision with decent near vision in good lighting. The lens builds on over 30 years of experience with cataract lens implant technology to improve and rejuvenate vision so that patients can accomplish most of their visual needs with reduced dependence on glasses. If you are experiencing the onset of cataracts and require cataract surgery please feel free to start your cataract research here with Washington Eye Physicians & Surgeons. Our experienced cataract surgeons will be able to help diagnose your condition and discuss your premium lens implants options. Please feel free to visit our cataract center to better understand the cataract surgery process.

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Accommodating IOL - Crystalens®
HOW DOES THE crystalens® IOL WORK?

After the age of 40 people will often start to experience serious trouble reading as the eye’s natural lens starts to harden. This is known as loss of accommodation, or presbyopia. The crystalens lens was researched and developed specifically to help correct the aging vision condition and was engineered with a hinge design that allows the optic to move as your focus on an image changes. The crystalens® procedure is performed in a surgery center environment. After a small incision is made at the edge of the cornea, the natural lens is removed with phaecoemulsification and the crystalens® is implanted. crystalens® can usually be implanted in less than 15 minutes.

The recovery period is usually short. Most patients are able to pursue normal activities almost immediately after surgery. Discuss with your doctor beforehand what to expect before, during, and after the procedure as well as eye drops and postoperative office visits.

If you are like most patients who have the CRYSTALENS®, you can expect to enjoy the "luxury of sight" near, far, and everywhere in between and see everything more clearly. Your focus will be sharper than it has been in years, and you can expect to see improvements over time.

FDA Clinical Trial Information

• 98.4% of patients implanted with crystalens in both eyes could pass a driver's test without glasses

• 100% could see intermediate (24" to 30") without glasses, the distance for most of life's activities

• 98.4% could see well enough to read the newspaper and the phone book without glasses.

• Some patients did require glasses for some tasks after implantation of the crystalens

• Significantly more patients implanted with a crystalens (88.4%) could see better at all distances then patients implanted with a standard IOL (35.9%)