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Choosing the Right Doctor for Laser Vision Correction

Finding someone to trust your sight to is an important decision. No one needs emergency laser vision correction, so take your time until you feel comfortable with your doctor and the information that you’ve received. You should be able to meet your LASIK surgeon before your procedure and ask him or her any questions you have. The laser vision correction surgeons at our practice in Chevy Chase, Maryland, will schedule a free LASIK consultation with prospective candidates. It should be an important part of your selection process to ensure that you are evaluated by the surgeon him or herself, and not only by a technician or optometrist.

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Feeling Comfortable about Laser Vision Correction

Your doctor should make it easy for you to find patients you can talk to about their experiences before and after their LASIK procedures. You should also be able to observe procedures at the laser center. Your doctor should also do everything possible to make you feel comfortable with your decision to undergo LASIK surgery and to reassure you about any discomfort or other concerns you might have. He or she should do everything possible to make the potentially frightening experience of laser vision correction as comfortable, easy, and free of concerns as possible. You should feel confident that if your first treatment does not give you the results that you’re seeking, your surgeon will provide another procedure to fine-tune your vision further, if desired.

Choose Wisely

You should never choose a LASIK surgeon who claims to be able to guarantee any sort of surgical result or freedom from any potential problems. While most patients are delighted with their laser eye surgery outcomes, no one can honestly guarantee results.

Our Team of Top-Rated LASIK Surgeons in the Washington DC Area

The laser vision correction team of Drs. Martin, Adi and Flanders are the best LASIK surgeons in Washington DC and have performed thousands of LASIK procedures. Hundreds of doctors, surgeons, and other health care workers have trusted their eyes to our laser vision correction team based in Chevy Chase, Maryland. This trust has led to our team to treat many of our own office and surgical staff in addition to many other doctors, lawyers, pilots, athletes, business professionals, and others just like you!

Due to the specific training in laser vision correction our doctors have received they have enjoyed being able to pass this knowledge on by helping train our co-managing doctors through proctoring, lectures, and articles. These doctors have chosen our laser vision correction team for their own LASIK as well as that of their families and staff.


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