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What Do I Need To Know About LASIK?

Patient before LASIK

At Washington Eye Physicians & Surgeons, we welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your vision goals. If you are a candidate, this can be custom or blade-free LASIK. During your consultation, our LASIK surgeon will discuss any questions you may have. LASIK can seem scary but it’s actually a very straightforward procedure!

The Pre-Op Exam

If you are a LASIK candidate, you will need to have a pre-operative eye exam, followed by a dilated eye exam. These exams are very thorough. Your LASIK surgeon at Washington Eye will make sure your eyes are healthy and ready for LASIK.

Since your eyes are dilated, you may want to bring someone with you to drive you home after your dilated eye exam. It is possible that your eyes will stay dilated for up to 48 hours!

After completing your consultation, you’ll choose your LASIK surgery date! You’ll also get directions from your surgeon, including when to stop wearing contacts. Contacts can change the shape of your eye, so it is best to stop wearing them 2 weeks before LASIK. You’ll also get a prescription for the eye drops that you’ll take after LASIK.

Custom LASIK At Washington Eye Physicians & Surgeons

Although there are several different kinds of LASIK, at Washington Eye we perform custom LASIK. Custom LASIK has been FDA approved since 1995. Custom LASIK is different than other LASIK procedures because it’s blade-less.

Traditional LASIK uses a tool called a microkeratome. A microkeratome is a blade that is sharp enough to cut through corneal tissue. The microkeratome creates the flap in the cornea, while a femtosecond laser removes a small amount of tissue.

With custom LASIK, instead of a microkeratome, there is an excimer laser. The excimer laser is more precise and eliminates the possibility of complications.

Wavefront technology is also used, which creates a custom map of your eye. Each person’s eye is unique. By mapping the eye, we are able to customize the correction of your refractive errors.  


You’ll likely be in and out of our laser center in about two hours. Make sure someone comes with you to drive you home. Plan on napping as the first step in your healing and recovery when you get home.

After you’ve checked in, you’ll have your eyes numbed with special eye drops. If you are anxious, we will offer you a mild sedative like Valium before the procedure.

Once your eyes are numb, we’ll take you into our LASIK suite. As a patient, there is very little that you have to do during LASIK! You’ll look at a blinking red light, and may feel slight pressure when your eyes are held in place.

LASIK only takes about 15-30 seconds per eye to complete! After LASIK, you should be able to see more clearly immediately. It may be a bit smoky, but this goes away. You’ll receive special sunglasses to wear outside, since you may be sensitive to light.

It is highly recommended that you nap and rest your eyes for the first four hours after the procedure. This helps to promote healing.

LASIK is a life-changing event. Want to start your clear vision journey? Schedule a consultation with our expert doctors at Washington Eye Physicians & Surgeons today!


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"The doctors and staff are always professional, courteous, and informative."
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"I never thought I would ever say that I enjoyed surgery, but it was really fun! No pain or discomfort."
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Laser Vision Correction

If you are seeking a Washington DC LASIK eye surgery specialist you have come to the right place. Washington Eye Physicians & Surgeons is located in Chevy Chase. Our LASIK surgeons are dedicated to creating the best possible LASIK eye surgery outcomes.

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