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We offer a range of vision correction options such as LASIK and PRK for our patients who are looking to see without glasses or contact lenses. We employ only state of the art technologies and options that fit our patients’ needs. Our eye doctors are with you every step of the way to get the vision you want with state-of-the-art vision care services.

LASIK Eye Surgery

Are you tired of the way that your skin looks around your eyes? Our oculoplastic surgeons can help change that for you. We have a range of cosmetic services that we offer to get you looking and feeling great again.

Ophthalmic Plastics

Don’t let cataracts cloud your judgment or your vision!  Our team of cataract surgeons have decades of experience. They are here to answer all your questions and provide you with a complete set of vision care options before having cataract surgery.


Have your eyes been bothering you lately? You could have corneal issues or suffer from dry eye. Our eye doctors have the expertise to diagnose your symptoms and get you feeling comfortable again.


Our eye doctors can help you with comprehensive eye exams, dry eyes, contact lens fittings, chalazions and styes and so much more. If you do not know what issues you are having, but have a family history of eye disease or are just not seeing your best, our eye doctors will guide you in the right direction to healthy eyes with expert vision care.

General Ophthalmology

Glaucoma is known as “the sneak thief of sight.”  It can rob you of vision painlessly and slowly and it is often discovered late in the disease.  Get yearly check-ups with our glaucoma specialists to make sure the eye pressure and optic nerve health are well monitored.


Are you seeing flashes or floaters? You could have retinal issues. It is important that you see your eye doctor about any sudden changes in vision. Do not ignore your symptoms.



"My experience is always positive."
-Marvin L.

"The doctors and staff are always professional, courteous, and informative."
-Mary A.

"I have had perfect experience at this practice."
-Joanne R.

"My eye doctor is friendly and knowledgeable. All of my questions were answered. He is professional but down to earth."
-Carole K.

"My eye doctor is extremely helpful."

"Now both of my eyes feel like they are in the land of OZ."
-Joyce B.

"I never thought I would ever say that I enjoyed surgery, but it was really fun! No pain or discomfort."
-David F.

"My eye doctor explained the surgery and made me feel very comfortable - he built trust."
-Michelle S.

"I am thrilled with the results of my procedures. I am even golfing better!"
-Helane G.

"Excellent surgeon but also a very patient oriented courteous doctor who carefully explains his patients' options."
-Susan S.

"A World Class person and an absolutely great Doctor."
-Chuck W.

Laser Vision Correction

If you are seeking a Washington DC LASIK eye surgery specialist you have come to the right place. Washington Eye Physicians & Surgeons is located in Chevy Chase. Our LASIK surgeons are dedicated to creating the best possible LASIK eye surgery outcomes.

look AS good as you feel

Eyelid Surgery can reduce the aging, tired, or sad look caused by drooping eyelids. The Oculoplastic Surgeons also perform reconstructive surgery of the eye socket and orbital fractures of the facial bones, including eye prostheses, tearing problems, lid twitches, and blepharospasm.

Premium Lens Implants

If you are seeking reduced dependence on eye glasses after cataract surgery in Washington DC, take a moment to explore advanced technology lenses such as Crystalens®, Acrysof® Restor, multifocal Tecnis® and Toric lenses for astigmatism correction.