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5 Ways You Can Take Care of Your Eyes

5 Ways to Take Care of Your Eyes

March is National Workplace Eye Wellness month, which is a great reminder that your eyesight is something you should never take for granted. The best way to take care of your eyes is by being proactive because if you wait until you find a problem it is often too late. Listed below are five ways you can begin taking better care of your eyes:

  1.     Get regular eye exams

Most people have a habit of forgetting to schedule yearly eye exams and they only schedule appointments when they are worried something is wrong. The best way to protect your eyes is to proactively take care of them by scheduling yearly check-ups. And if you have health issues like diabetes you may need to schedule more frequent visits.

  1.     Don’t read in the dark

Did you ever have a parent or grandparent tell you you’d go blind from reading in the dark? Common sense tells us this is not true, but you can damage your eyes by reading in the dark or in very low light. This is because you strain your eyes when you try to read in areas with poor lighting because your eyes have to work so much harder to focus.

  1.     Wear protective eyewear

UV light is not only bad for your skin, it is bad for your eyes as well. By wearing UV protective sunglasses when you spend time outside, you will reduce your risk for developing certain vision impairments.

  1.     Don’t smoke

We all know smoking is bad for our lungs, but did you know it is bad for your vision? Numerous studies have shown that smokers are at greater risk of developing cataracts and other vision problems.

  1.     Replace your contact lens case frequently

If you frequently have problems with your contacts it may be because you aren’t cleaning your contact case or changing it out frequently enough. Contact cases are breeding grounds for bacteria so in the morning when you put in your contacts, be sure to empty the case of the solution and clean it out before using it again. And be sure to replace it every two to three months.

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