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L. Dean Flanders, M.D.

Can Cataracts Come Back?

Learn if cataracts can come back and what to do if you experience cataract symptoms in the months or years after cataract surgery.

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Can LASIK Fix Astigmatism?

Can LASIK Eye Surgery Fix Astigmatism?

While LASIK is well-known for correcting nearsightedness and farsightedness, it is also an excellent option for astigmatism correction. Learn more.

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Does LASIK hurt?

Does LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Hurt?

LASIK does not hurt. Most patients only feel a pressure sensation during the eye surgery, and any discomfort after surgery is usually mild and temporary. Learn more.

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LASIK Recovery Time - What Happens After LASIK

What Happens After LASIK? The LASIK Recovery Timeline

Since LASIK is a surgical procedure, there is a recovery period that goes along with it. Learn what the typical LASIK recovery timeline looks like.

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Dry Eye Treatment

What Are My Dry Eye Treatment Options?

Chronic dry eye is completely treatable. How to treat your dry eye depends on the severity of your condition. Learn about available dry eye treatment options.

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lasik facts and myths

Don’t Believe These LASIK Myths

There are plenty of myths about LASIK. Get the facts about laser eye surgery from the leading LASIK surgeons in Washington DC area.

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difference between custom contoura lasik and traditional lasik

The Differences Between Contoura® Vision Topography-Guided LASIK And Traditional LASIK

Learn about Contoura® Vision Topography-Guided LASIK and the differences between this technologically-advanced procedure and traditional LASIK.

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questions to ask about cataract surgery

3 Questions to Ask Your Cataract Surgeon

If you have been diagnosed with cataracts, you probably have a lot of questions about cataract surgery. Here are 3 questions to ask your cataract surgeon.

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Bladeless LASIK

Bladeless LASIK

Washington Eye Physicians & Surgeons has the most advanced technology to perform "all laser" bladeless LASIK surgery. Schedule a free consultation today.

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