What Are My Dry Eye Treatment Options?

Dry Eye Treatment Options DC

If you have a persistent case of dry eye, it seems like you’ll do anything to make your symptoms go away. The constant itchiness, blurry vision, and soreness can leave you exhausted and frustrated.

Fortunately, even chronic dry eye is completely treatable! How to treat your dry eye depends on the severity of it. Some people may only need to make small lifestyle changes.

Others may need medication to treat the root cause of their symptoms. This is something you’ll need to discuss with your doctor. Keep reading to learn about some of the dry eye treatment options available!

Punctal Plugs

If the problem lies not in the quality of the tears, but that your eyes are not producing enough of them, punctal plugs may be the simplest solution. Punctal plugs are tiny obstructions that are put directly into your tear drainage ducts.

This allows them to physically block tears from draining out of your eyes too quickly. Your doctor may decide to use temporary plugs that dissolve after several days. This is to see if this treatment works for you.

If it is successful, semi-permanent plugs can be put in to give you long-lasting relief. The plugs can be put in and taken out quickly and the process is painless.

Artificial Tear Inserts

The best way to handle managing the symptoms of dry eye is with artificial tears. The problem is that always reapplying them can be frustrating.

Fortunately, you can use an insert that is placed inside your lower eyelid that achieves the same effect. The insert is the size of a grain of rice. It slowly dissolves throughout the day, providing hands-off relief.


Certain medications can stimulate tear production if you are not producing enough tears. Discuss side effects and any conflicting medication that you may be taking with your eye doctor before taking a new medication.

Healthy Habits

A big part of treating dry eye is also preventing it in the first place. Good hygiene is important and removing all make-up at the end of the day and washing your face and outer eyelids with a gentle cleanser will help keep the oil glands clear of any bacteria that can lead to sties and dry eye. Also, staying well hydrated can help your body produce more tears. Drink plenty of water and eating a diet rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids will help improve the quality of your tears.

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