Lecture: Introduction to Glaucoma

Hear Howard Weiss, MD, MPH, a prominent ophthalmologist at Washington Eye Physicians and Surgeons, as he discusses current glaucoma research and treatment options. The educational webinar was hosted by the Lions Club during Glaucoma Awareness Month.

In this introduction to glaucoma, Dr. Weiss gives a 24 minute lecture followed by a 16 minute question and answer session with the audience. Learn how glaucoma affects eyesight and who is at risk.

Watch the webinar below. To view the video full screen, click on the icon next to the Vimeo logo at the bottom.

For further information on glaucoma and treatment options, schedule an appointment with Dr. Weiss or one of the other glaucoma specialists, Dr. Schwartz or Dr. Dawson, at Washington Eye Physicians and Surgeons in Chevy Chase, Maryland.