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5 Reasons to Consider Getting LASIK Surgery

Every day, we talk to patients who are interested in LASIK but are having trouble committing to the surgery. They are concerned about the risk involved and are held back by a fear of the unknown.

If you find yourself in this situation we completely understand. LASIK surgery is a big decision and not one you should rush into. But for a moment, let’s put your fears aside and look at the many benefits of LASIK surgery.

LASIK has improved the vision and quality of life for millions of people worldwide. It is a safe and relatively painless procedure. Here are five reasons why you should consider LASIK surgery:


  • Comfort and convenience


If you have been wearing contacts or glasses for most of your life, can you even count the number of times they have inconvenienced you in some way? Maybe you were at work and a contact fell out or you have dealt with the dry eyes and irritation that come with wearing contacts. LASIK surgery will improve the comfort of your eyes and remove the inconvenience of contacts and glasses.


  • Self-confidence


We have seen many patients that struggled with their confidence due to their glasses or contacts. Many of those same patients have benefited tremendously from the confidence they gained after having LASIK.


  • Health


Contacts can cause you to get eye infections more easily and it can dry out and irritate your eyes. Not to mention, allergy symptoms and contacts can be an extremely unpleasant combination.


  • Improved vision


Of course, this is the reason why anyone has LASIK surgery in the first place. There is nothing like being able to wake up in the morning with perfect vision.


  • Freedom


This is one of the intangible benefits of LASIK that most patients don’t fully realize until after they have the procedure. The freedom LASIK gives you is incredible. You can live your life, participate in the activities you enjoy, and you never have to think about contacts or glasses again.

We hope that this list was eye-opening for you (no pun intended) and that you gained some new insight that perhaps you didn’t have before. LASIK surgery is a big decision and it is not one that should be taken lightly or rushed into.

Our doctors speak with patients just like you every day and we would love to help you through your LASIK journey. Request an appointment with one of our doctors today and find out if LASIK surgery may be right for you.



"My experience is always positive."
-Marvin L.

"The doctors and staff are always professional, courteous, and informative."
-Mary A.

"I have had perfect experience at this practice."
-Joanne R.

"My eye doctor is friendly and knowledgeable. All of my questions were answered. He is professional but down to earth."
-Carole K.

"My eye doctor is extremely helpful."

"Now both of my eyes feel like they are in the land of OZ."
-Joyce B.

"I never thought I would ever say that I enjoyed surgery, but it was really fun! No pain or discomfort."
-David F.

"My eye doctor explained the surgery and made me feel very comfortable - he built trust."
-Michelle S.

"I am thrilled with the results of my procedures. I am even golfing better!"
-Helane G.

"Excellent surgeon but also a very patient oriented courteous doctor who carefully explains his patients' options."
-Susan S.

"A World Class person and an absolutely great Doctor."
-Chuck W.

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