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Debunking LASIK Myths

Tired of wearing glasses and contacts? It’s likely you’ve heard of LASIK and some of the myths out there about it too.

Even though LASIK has been FDA approved since the nineties, people still unsure about it. We’re pretty confident that once we debunk some myths about LASIK, you’ll be more open to it! Keep reading to learn the real facts about LASIK!

LASIK Myth: Anybody who wants to can have LASIK

This is definitely not true. LASIK is a life-changing surgery designed to provide qualified candidates with clear vision.

The best part: you no longer need prescription glasses or contacts to see! The key word here is “qualified”.

Who isn’t a good LASIK candidate?

  • Patients with uncontrolled diabetes not under control.
  • Pregnant patients, or those who are currently planning on becoming pregnant
  • Patients who are breastfeeding
  • Any patient who has a prescription that has changed in the last 12 months and isn’t stable
  • Patients under the age of 18
  • Patients with certain autoimmune conditions

LASIK Myth: A friend of mine told me that LASIK is very painful!

Rest assured that no matter what your friend heard, LASIK is not a painful procedure in the slightest. Before beginning, your LASIK surgeon applies anesthetic eye drops in your eyes.

Once these drops have taken effect, the most you will feel is a bit of slight pressure. After your LASIK procedure is over on both eyes, your surgeon will send you home.

A few hours after the procedure, you may start feeling some discomfort. If this happens, you can take ibuprofen to help with any pain. It’s not a bad idea to rest when you get home to get a head start on a healthy recovery after LASIK!

LASIK Myth: My neighbor says the laser burns your eyes

There’s no truth behind this at all! All excimer lasers used in LASIK surgical procedures are “cold” lasers. You are in no danger of experiencing any burning on the surface of your eye during LASIK.

LASIK Myth: LASIK uses blades and cuts your eyes

This used to be true, but LASIK no longer uses blades to reshape your cornea. Instead, LASIK uses two lasers. The first is a femtosecond laser.

The femtosecond laser creates a flap in the cornea. The flap is then folded back, allowing access to the middle layer of the cornea.

Your LASIK surgeon then removes a tiny amount of corneal tissue with an excimer laser. It is this reshaping of the corneal tissue that corrects for any refractive errors you may have. These include nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

LASIK Myth: LASIK is more expensive than glasses or contacts

Although LASIK can seem too expensive, it’s actually not! The up-front cost is usually around $4,000, or $2,000 per eye.

Since LASIK is an elective procedure, your insurance won’t cover it. So how can LASIK be more affordable than glasses or contacts?

Think about how much money you spend on glasses and contacts every year. Most people are spending at least $500 per year on contact lenses alone!

Glasses only need replacing every few years, but when they do need it, it could cost $700 or more! Imagine a world where you no longer have to pay that $500 every year, or $700 every 2 years for glasses and contacts.

That’s the case after LASIK! LASIK even starts paying for itself after a few years, so you can think of it as an investment. Worth it!

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