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Don’t Believe These LASIK Myths

LASIK Myths - LASIK Eye Surgery Facts

Did you know that LASIK is one of the most popular laser eye surgeries that’s requested? With a 96% success rate, patients love LASIK!

But there are still plenty of misconceptions about LASIK. These misconceptions or myths could be keeping potential patients from taking the plunge. Do yourself a favor and arm yourself with the knowledge you need by learning what LASIK myths to avoid!

LASIK Myth #1: Complications are normal after LASIK

LASIK Truth: Every procedure comes with potential risks to consider. When it comes to LASIK, complications are not normal! Vision correction is different for every patient, so it’s important to know what to expect.

It may take several months before your vision has stabilized after LASIK. You also may experience dry eye or discomfort. These side effects are temporary. During recovery, your eyes will be more vulnerable than normal.

As you recover, it’s key to keep your eyes clean. This means no rubbing or scratching your eyes if they feel irritated. It’s not easy, but these things can help you avoid infection during recovery.

LASIK Myth #2: It’s not real surgery

LASIK Truth: All LASIK procedures like traditional LASIK, custom, and blade-free are surgeries. Because they are outpatient, some people may believe that LASIK is not surgery. This is false!

When you get LASIK, the corneas of the eyes become permanently reshaped. This kind of reshaping means you are causing your eyes trauma to recover from. LASIK is not meant for everyone and requires a screening consultation.

LASIK Myth #3: LASIK surgeries use the same laser

LASIK Truth: There are actually many lasers used for the various LASIK surgeries. Which laser is used depends on the procedure a patient chooses.

Not every patient who wants LASIK will need the same procedure. This is why it’s important to listen to the recommendations of your doctor.

LASIK Myth #4: The laser matters more than the LASIK surgeon’s skill

LASIK Truth: The skill and experience of your LASIK surgeon is a key part of the procedure. This is the case, no matter which laser your doctor uses or which LASIK procedure you have done.

Without an experienced LASIK surgeon, the procedure cannot be successful. This is why you must choose a surgeon and practice that you feel comfortable with.

Any kind of procedure on your eyes is a big deal. Choosing the wrong surgeon could mean complications or vision loss.

LASIK Myth #5: LASIK means you’ll never need glasses again

LASIK Truth: While it is true that many LASIK patients do achieve 20/20 vision or better, this is false. LASIK permanently corrects your vision at the time of the procedure.

This is possible by reshaping the cornea. As we get older, our eyes continue to age. Even if you get LASIK, this is still the case. You may need reading glasses once you get into your forties or fifties.  

LASIK Myth #6: Anyone can have LASIK Surgery

LASIK Truth: There are many requirements patients must meet to be a LASIK candidate. If you’re still a teenager under the age of 18, you can’t get LASIK. Most LASIK surgeons prefer patients to be in their mid-late twenties.

This is to ensure your prescription won’t change after the procedure. You also need to have a stable prescription for at least one year before undergoing LASIK. If you have dry eye, this should get treated before LASIK. LASIK has a short recovery time, but it’s easier to recover if you’re in good health.

Don’t let myths about LASIK scare you away from clear vision! Contact Washington Eye Physicians & Surgeons for your LASIK consultation today!


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