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LASIK Enhancement Options

LASIK Enhancement - LASIK Touch Up

LASIK enhancement, sometimes called a LASIK touch up, is a follow up procedure done with the goal of further sharpening your vision if you’re not happy with the initial LASIK results or if your vision has changed over time.
LASIK can be a permanent solution for living without glasses or contacts. A responsible LASIK surgeon will not guarantee perfect vision or permanent results. There is a possibility that regression can occur, or you may need reading glasses after LASIK. Although uncommon, LASIK does not guarantee perfect vision. You may need a LASIK enhancement if you are not satisfied. Keep reading to learn more about laser eye surgery enhancement options available at Washington Eye Physicians & Surgeons!

LASIK Enhancements

Whenever you get LASIK, there is a possibility that your refractive errors can return. These refractive errors can result in blurry vision. If you need glasses after LASIK, you’ll be fitted for a new pair of prescription glasses. It is likely that your new prescription will be weaker after you have LASIK. LASIK could reduce your refractive errors without solving them.
If wearing glasses after LASIK isn’t an option, you may want a LASIK enhancement. Contact your LASIK surgeon at Washington Eye Physicians & Surgeons about this procedure. Undergoing a LASIK enhancement will allow you to live without glasses! Crystal clear vision is attainable.
If you are considering a LASIK enhancement, your original LASIK costs may not cover it. You should consider how long it’s been since you had LASIK, and how severe your refractive errors are. These factors can increase how much you’ll pay for a LASIK touch up. You’ll also have to find out what policies are in place at the practice that performed your procedure. A laser eye surgery enhancement is elective, since the original procedure is as well.
LASIK enhancement is rare, and less likely as LASIK technology has advanced, but some patients still request it. LASIK has a 96% success rate, and patients are usually satisfied with the end result.
If you’re not happy with your results after LASIK, talk to your LASIK surgeon! They will consider whether LASIK enhancement is necessary. If it is necessary, they will know which procedure to recommend to fix your vision.

Average Time Before LASIK Enhancement Is Requested

LASIK enhancement is often requested five to ten years after the initial procedure. Your LASIK surgeon will examine your eyes before a LASIK touch up to ensure a laser eye surgery enhancement is necessary. If your LASIK surgeon agrees you need an enhancement, there are a few options available.

LASIK Enhancement Options

The two most common LASIK enhancement options are PRK or a repeat LASIK surgery. During a repeat LASIK surgery, the only difference is the tools that are used to re-lift the corneal flap. Once the flap has been re-lifted, it takes a few minutes to reshape the cornea. If you undergo PRK, your LASIK surgeon will not have to create or re-lift the corneal flap. PRK is preferable for LASIK enhancement since it reduces the risk of epithelial growth.
Do you need a LASIK enhancement surgery? Find out by scheduling a free consultation with the LASIK surgeons at Washington Eye Physicians & Surgeons today! Our goal is to help you achieve your vision goals, one step at a time.


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