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The Differences Between Custom LASIK And Traditional LASIK

The Differences Between Custom LASIK And Traditional LASIK

Are you thinking about LASIK? There are many things to consider, including which procedure may be right for you. Keep reading to learn more about some of the differences between Custom LASIK and traditional LASIK with Washington Eye Physicians & Surgeons!

What Is Custom LASIK?

Custom LASIK uses the most advanced technology currently available and is known for providing patients with the sharpest vision correction. Custom LASIK is sometimes referred to by the name of the technology it uses, “Wavefront Technology”. If your LASIK surgeon uses the terms “custom LASIK” and “wavefront LASIK”, they are talking about the same procedure.  Wavefront technology allows the patient to experience a blade-free LASIK experience that’s customized completely to their individual eye and vision needs.

Conventional LASIK can be a great option for those that don’t qualify as a candidate for Custom LASIK, but it does come with some limitations. Traditional LASIK does not use Wavefront LASIK technology. Instead, conventional LASIK is designed to provide patients with the same level of vision correction as prescription glasses or contacts. As a result, your level of vision correction will be identical to any patients with the same prescription. Conventional LASIK cannot address the unique characteristics of each pair of eyes, as custom LASIK can address, thanks to the advancement of Wavefront Technology.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom LASIK?

Aside from the fact that custom LASIK is a blade-free option, custom LASIK also offers other important benefits. With Custom LASIK, patients know that they are getting a procedure that is specifically tailored to their unique vision needs and prescription!

It’s More Precise

When you are getting fitted for a new pair of prescription eyeglasses, your eye doctor will use an eye chart to decide which lens helps you see the clearest. Sometimes it’s really hard to tell which option is the best. You might say “lens 1”, but what if the best option for you was one in the middle of both options?

Every time your eye doctor turns the dial to show you a different lens option, custom LASIK offers you a multitude of lenses for every click on the dial for the conventional method of LASIK, and it’s done without having to obsess or worry about giving a wrong answer. Wavefront technology takes the guesswork out of LASIK and is up to 25 times more precise than traditional prescription corrective lenses.

It’s More Specific

Custom LASIK uses Wavefront Technology to measure hundreds of reference points on the surface of each eye. It is with this data that a detailed map of your unique refractive errors and vision needs, including higher order aberrations are created to program the laser. It’s like having a pair of shoes that are custom made for your feet, and your feet only. With blade-free custom LASIK, the result is 100 percent customized to you and your unique eyes.

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