The Differences Between Contoura® Vision Topography-Guided LASIK And Traditional LASIK

The Differences Between Contoura® Vision Topography-Guided Lasik and Traditional LASIK

Are you thinking about LASIK? There are many things to consider, including which procedure may be right for you. Keep reading to learn more about some of the differences between Contoura® vision topography-guided LASIK and traditional LASIK with Washington Eye Physicians & Surgeons!

What Is Contoura® Vision Topography-Guided LASIK?

The Contoura® Vision platform utilizes specialized diagnostic tools to create a personalized map of your cornea, the main focusing surface of the eye and the site of LASIK treatment. This map localizes unique imperfections of the corneal surface which can be improved at the time of LASIK. What this means for our patients is more reliable results and fewer post operative visual disturbances such as nighttime glare and halos.

Conventional LASIK can be a great option for those that don’t qualify as a candidate for Contoura® Vision Topography-guided LASIK, but it does come with some limitations. Traditional LLASIK does not utilize individual topography maps to personalize each patient’s treatment. Instead, conventional LASIK is designed to provide patients with the same level of vision correction as prescription glasses or contacts. As a result, your level of vision correction will be identical to any patients with the same prescription. Conventional LASIK cannot address the unique characteristics of each pair of eyes, as Contoura® Vision Topography-guided LASIK can address.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom LASIK?

With Contoura® Vision Topography-guided LASIK, patients know that they are getting a procedure that is specifically tailored to their unique vision needs and prescription!

It’s More Precise

The more personalized approach with Contoura® Vision Topography-guided LASIK allows subtle differences in the treatments to give our patients the absolute best vision possible. This reduces the risk of some common side effects of LASIK such as glare and haloes and even helps many patients see better after LASIK then they had previously with glasses or contact lenses.

It’s Driven by the Phorcides Analytic Engine

The diagnostic instruments used with Contoura® Vision LASIK create a map of up to 22,000 unique topographic points on each patient’s eye. This increase in data is then utilized to create an individualized treatment for each patient. The Phorcides analytic engine takes this a step further by using specialized software to analyze the unique map of each patient’s eye taken using the diagnostic instruments of the Contoura® Vision platform. This assists your surgeon in choosing the optimal treatment plan for your eyes once again leading to improved visual outcomes for our patients.

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