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Arthur L. Schwartz, M.D.

Lecture: Glaucoma Research Update

Watch a lecture hosted by the Prevention of Blindness Society in which glaucoma expert Dr. Arthur Schwartz discusses the latest glaucoma research.

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Eye Allergies Doctor - Allergic Conjunctivitis

Eye Allergies (Allergic Conjunctivitis)

Eye allergies, also called allergic conjunctivitis, can make your eyes teary, red and itchy. Learn about different types of eye allergies and how to treat them.

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Presbyopia test

What is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is age-related farsightedness or the gradual loss of the ability to focus on close objects. This common condition typically starts in the 40s.

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Glaucoma suspect - Thief of sight

What is a Glaucoma Suspect?

A glaucoma suspect is someone who has one or more risk factors for developing glaucoma, but does not yet have damage or vision loss due to the disease.

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