Bell’s Palsy Eye Surgery

Bell’s Palsy

Our highly-trained oculoplastic surgeons perform surgeries to improve the function of the eyelids and appearance of the eye in patients with Bell’s Palsy/Facial Nerve Palsy. These surgeries can be performed with local anesthesia as outpatient procedures.

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Ectropion Repair – Entropion Surgery


Entropion or ectropion surgery is performed to correct an eyelid that either turns out or turns inward, which can lead to damage to the ocular surface. The procedure can be done in our office under local anesthetic and has minimal downtime.

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Mohs surgery doctors - Eyelid reconstruction after Mohs surgery

Eyelid Reconstruction and Mohs Surgery (Skin Cancer)

Our skilled oculoplastic surgeons are knowledgeable in the surgical anatomy and reconstructive techniques of the eyelids, and they have deep experience in the reconstruction of eyelids after Mohs surgery.

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Orbital tumors doctor

Orbital Tumors

Tumors of the orbit have a wide clinical spectrum and should be carefully evaluated and treated by skilled surgeons. Function and preservation of the eye drive the clinical decision-making process when considering treatment options.

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Orbital fracture surgeon

Orbital Fractures

Our experienced oculoplastic surgeons may treat you medically or offer surgical solutions for orbital fractures or fractured eye sockets depending on the location, size and severity of the fracture.

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Prosthetic Eye Doctor

Prosthetic Eye & Socket Repair

There are unfortunately situations when an eye should be removed from the eye socket. Learn about prosthetic eyes, socket repair and options offered by our oculoplastic surgeons.

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thyroid eye disease specialist - thyroid eye disease treatment options

Thyroid Eye Disease

Although there is no thyroid gland in the eye or the orbit, the eye can be severely affected by thyroid disease. There are several thyroid conditions that can lead to a problem in the orbit, but the most common is entitled Graves’ disease.

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