Thyroid Eye Disease

Although there is no thyroid gland in the eye or the orbit, the eye can be severely affected by thyroid disease. There are several thyroid conditions that can lead to a problem in the orbit, but the most common is entitled Graves’ disease.

In this condition, the immune system recognizes the thyroid gland as foreign and initiates an attack on the gland. The antibodies the immune system produces inadvertently cross-react with tissue in the orbit leading to an exuberant inflammatory response. This inflammatory response can produce a sensation of pressure, double vision, loss of vision, tearing, red eyes and the prominent eye.

Treating the thyroid gland and controlling the inflammation in the orbit is the first step to treat thyroid eye disease and Graves’ eye disease. Thyroid eye disease is a complicated condition that requires a team approach including a thyroid eye disease specialist. There are many ways to control the thyroid and related eye disease. Your team of doctors can discuss the options for the treatment of your thyroid eye disease as no two cases are the same.

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