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What If I’m Not A LASIK Candidate?

LASIK is a modern solution to bad eyesight. It has helped millions achieve glasses-free vision, and it may be able to help you.

As effective and safe as LASIK is, it is also only performed on people that meet a very specific set of criteria. Anyone who does not match up as a good candidate cannot undergo the procedure.

While this may sound disheartening, many disqualifying factors are not always permanent. Even if you have certain problems that are permanent or unavoidable, you may be a good candidate for an alternative procedure that is just as effective!

LASIK Candidacy Requirements

To be eligible for LASIK, you must meet certain standards to ensure your own safety. These standards include:

You must be at least 18 years old

Age matters with LASIK, because our eyesight fluctuates greatly if you’re under 18. If you were to undergo LASIK before your vision stabilized, it could render the entire surgery pointless.

You could even end up with worse vision than before. While LASIK is FDA approved for people over the age of 18, you may need to wait until you are in your twenties. There is no upper age limit to LASIK.

Your eyesight must be stable

Youth is not the only thing that can cause your vision to change. Hormonal imbalances can cause inaccurate measurements, potentially making the surgery ineffective.

Your prescription needs to remain unchanged for at least a year before LASIK.

Your prescription must be reasonable

LASIK is not effective or as safe for people that have incredibly poor eyesight. This is particularly the case for people with extreme near vision, as you’ll need more tissue removed during LASIK.

Your corneas must be thick enough

Even if your prescription is within the limits for LASIK, some people happen to have naturally thin corneas. Without enough material to work with, LASIK is a lot more dangerous and you will likely be turned away.

You must be in good health

This applies to your general well being, as well as your eyes specifically. Not only must you be free from eye disease and injury, but you must have your health under control.

Anything that can affect your recovery time like high blood sugar or an autoimmune disease will make the surgery too risky.

These are only a few examples of LASIK candidacy. Schedule a consultation at Washington Eye to find out if you are eligible.

Alternatives to LASIK

Many disqualifying factors for LASIK can be fixed with patience, such as age and vision stability. Others may need intervention like your health.

But some factors will prevent you from having LASIK safely. Luckily, there are many alternatives that are just as effective.

PRK, for example, is very similar to LASIK, but it can be performed on patients with thin corneas. Refractive lens exchange is good for patients with presbyopia.

Implantable collamer lenses are another fascinating alternative that acts more like a permanent contact lens. Come learn more with us and find out what is best for you!

Schedule an appointment at Washington Eye Physicians & Surgeons in Silver Spring, MD to learn more!


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