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How to Eliminate Frustrating Under Eye Bags Using Ophthalmic Plastics

Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery Washington DC

Puffy, under eye bags are the frustrating cosmetic result of failing to get enough sleep or eating a poor diet. But as we get older, under eye bags become less of a temporary inconvenience and more of an unavoidable part of aging. Ophthalmic plastics provide a solution for this pesky, aesthetic problem.

But before we talk about how ophthalmic plastics can help you combat your under eye bags, let’s first talk about what they are exactly, and what causes them.

For some, under eye bags show up in the form of a little swelling whereas others get very prominent bags. As we get older, the tissues around our eyes get weaker, including the fat around our eyes. As this happens, that fat moves further down the eye, causing the bags we’ve come to associate with aging. Fluid can also occupy that space underneath the eyes.

There are other potential causes for under eye bags like hormone levels, allergies, or hereditary factors – puffy eyes can run in the family.

Fortunately, bags under the eyes are not a sign of any serious health problems. The only time you should see a doctor is if there is some kind of itchiness or irritation under the eyes, or problems that are not purely cosmetic.

After you breathe a sigh of relief in that regard, you may be wondering, “So what on earth can I do to combat under eye bags?”

Outside of surgical procedures like those used in ophthalmic plastics, there are at-home remedies you can use to reduce puffiness or bags if it is relatively mild. There are drugstore wrinkle treatments and anti-aging products on the market to battle aging around the eyes. There are also laser and chemical procedures that you may wish to look into.

Ophthalmic Plastics to Eliminate Under Eye Bags – Blepharoplasty

Done on an outpatient basis, blepharoplasty is a straightforward ophthalmic plastics procedure that can eliminate this puffy problem. A small incision is made in your eye’s lower lid, in the crease. Your ophthalmic plastics professional will then remove the fat from the eye, or even redistribute it, effectively eliminating the cause of the bulging appearance. After dealing with the fat, your ophthalmic plastics specialists will then use dissolving stitches to seal the incision.

What’s more: your ophthalmic plastics surgeon can address more than your under eye bags with a blepharoplasty procedure. Patients can address their upper eyelids, excess skin or droopy eyelids.

And the fact that you are being treated by a highly trained and specialized ophthalmologist means that you are in the hands of a qualified eye surgeon  who will give you the results you want without compromising your health or vision.

If you’d like to learn more about how ophthalmic plastics can leave you feeling happier and confident in your skin, give us a call. Book a consultation with one of our Washington Eye ophthalmic plastics specialists to ask questions in a no-pressure environment. Stop by today and see us in  Chevy Chase, MD.



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