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How Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery Is More Than Just Skin Deep

Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery - Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon

It’s easy to lump ophthalmic plastic surgery, also known as oculoplastic surgery, into a group with purely cosmetic procedures. While ophthalmic plastic surgery is performed for cosmetic reasons, it can also be used to address a number of health concerns and improve a person’s quality of life.

Ophthalmic plastic surgery refers to procedures involving the area around the eye including the eyebrows, eyelids, eye sockets, and tear ducts. Ophthalmologists who receive additional specialized training, like our skilled surgeons at Washington Eye in Chevy Chase, perform these procedures. This ensures patients receive the same level of expertise provided during any other eye procedure such as surgery for cataracts or glaucoma.

Blepharoplasty Improves Peripheral Vision in Addition To Removing Excess Skin and Fat

Blepharoplasty is an ophthalmic plastic surgery most people are familiar with, even if they’ve never heard the technical term. A patient can receive either an upper or lower blepharoplasty. This procedure removes excess fat and skin above or below the eyes. It is a popular ophthalmic plastic surgery for its cosmetic results, but also because excess skin and fat can affect a person’s peripheral vision. This impedes one’s ability to comfortably perform simple, everyday tasks like reading and driving. In this way, the procedure provides improvements to both an individual’s vision and facial appearance.

Treatment of Ptosis Through Ophthalmic Plastics

Ptosis is a condition characterized by droopy eyelids caused by weak eyelid muscles. It is most commonly found in the elderly due to aging, but in some cases, children can be born with the condition. As expected, this condition can interfere with vision. In order to combat this, ptosis is treated with ophthalmic plastic surgery. This procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis. If you’re a resident in the Chevy Chase area, you can be in and out of Washington Eye Physicians and Surgeons the same day.

Ophthalmic Plastics Allow for Eye Reconstruction After Cancer

After removing a tumor or experiencing a severe injury to the eye, the tissue in the surrounding area is extremely affected, necessitating eyelid reconstructive surgery. Unlike cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery is needed to regain specific functions. In addition, ophthalmic plastic surgery can renew a trauma or cancer patient’s self-esteem by improving the appearance of their eye.

An Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon Can Perform Revisional Surgery for Complications from Previous Procedures

In some cases, complications may arise from previous procedures. For instance, a patient may experience difficulties closing their eyes after a blepharoplasty because the surgeon who performed the procedure removed too much tissue. Our highly specialized ophthalmologists at our Ophthalmic Plastics Center in Chevy Chase can restore proper eye function with eyelid revision surgery while ensuring an aesthetically pleasing result.

Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery Plays an Important Role After Enucleation or Evisceration

Certain devastating conditions require ophthalmologists to entirely remove a person’s eye. A temporary implant helps the eye heal before an ophthalmic plastic surgeon puts in a prosthetic. While no amount of aesthetic improvement can compensate for the loss of an eye, this prosthetic allows people who undergo enucleation or evisceration to regain some degree of normalcy. Complications can arise from the procedure, so it is important that a skilled ophthalmologist and ophthalmic plastic surgeon supervises the patient’s recovery and perform everything from the removal of the eye to the placement of the prosthetic.

Washington Eye Physicians and Surgeons’ Ophthalmic Plastics Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland includes among its staff Dr. Todd A. Goodglick, who is highly specialized ophthalmologist and ophthalmic plastic surgeons. Contact us to book an appointment and learn how ophthalmic plastics can improve both your self-esteem and your quality of life.


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