Upper Eyelid (Blepharoplasty)

Drooping of the upper lids results from the loss of skin elasticity and the integrity of underlying eyelid structures. This can lead to an aged appearance and a decrease in the field of vision. Patients that wear make-up often complain about their makeup smearing throughout the day when the upper eyelid skin is redundant.

There are non-surgical and surgical techniques used to rejuvenate the upper eyelid.

Depending on the amount and texture of the skin, the eyelid skin can be resurfaced using a laser and/or microneedling. If there is a large degree of skin laxity, an upper eyelid blepharoplasty (eye lift surgery) or an eyebrow lift may be the treatment of choice. Upper eyelid lifts are performed at Washington Eye Physicians & Surgeons under local anesthesia or at our surgery center under light sedation. Excess skin is excised using a hidden lid crease incision, and the protruding fat is sculpted, excised, or repositioned to rejuvenate the eyelid. The hidden eyelid crease incision prevents visible scarring. An eye lift leads to a more rejuvenated and refreshed appearance. There are small anatomical differences in each eyelid, which means that each upper eyelid lift needs to be customized.

There are many conditions that lead to drooping eyelids, which our oculoplastic surgeons will evaluate for during your consultation. If the medical treatment of your condition does not lead to a correction of your drooping lids, a blepharoplasty may be a possible solution.

Surgical repair of a drooping, heavy lid requires a skillful surgeon with extensive training in ophthalmic plastic surgery. Our fellowship-trained, board-certified oculoplastic surgeons have the expertise to treat cosmetic and functional concerns around the eye.

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