Eyelash Growth & Latisse®

Thinning and the loss of eyelashes may result from the aging process, inflammation or other medical conditions. Latisse® is used to produce longer, darker and thicker lashes by application to the upper eyelashes.

Latisse Washington DC - Eyelash Growth Serum - Latisse DoctorsThe medication that Latisse® is made of is the same solution ophthalmologist use to lower the pressure in the eyes of patients that have glaucoma. The concentration and route of application are different when the medication is used for eyelash growth and enhancement. It is important that you see a doctor that has experience with the eye when using Latisse® eyelash growth serum. Our cosmetic surgeons are also trained as ophthalmologists and can provide more details about the eye, eyelash treatment and the use of Latisse®.

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